Your Machine, Crane, Winch Have Broken Down – but Work Needs to be Done!

In most cases when the machine stops due to brakes or clutches, you need a spare part. It is often not easy to find them, delivery time is long, or the price is just too high.

If you have a problem with:

  • industrial machinery
  • crane
  • winch
  • forklift
  • excavator
  • tractor

We can help you!

We solve all the problems of machine friction systems, and we have affordable delivery worldwide.

We can repair the old part or make a completely new one, and the deadline is usually very short.

Can the relined(overhaul) part be of the same quality as the original spare part?

The quality of the spare part is affected only by the quality of the friction material.
Experience of over 40 years helps us choose the best materials suitable to your purpose. Based on that, the quality is always either the same or better than the spare parts that can be purchased on the market.

We will solve all types of clutches and braking systems problem in a very short time:

  • Brake blocks for industrial presses
  • Friction gears for stone crushers
  • Various tensioners and brakes in graphics machines
  • Winches in the forest or shipping industry
  • Brakes for cranes
  • Hydraulic clutches and oil-operated brakes
  • Brakes for forklifts, tractors and construction machinery
  • Brake shoes for all industries

Quality and trust is evident in cooperation with over 350 companies in Croatia alone, which you can see on our reference list. Link to reference list

Enjoy your business without worrying about production downtime.
With a fast, safe, efficient and affordable solution.

The procedure is simple

If you need a new part:

  1. Send us an email with an inquiry and description, vector or photo of the old part
  2. We will quickly give you an offer and a deadline
  3. After your confirmation, we will start working on it immediately
  4. As soon as it is finished we will send it by delivery (very affordable) to your address.

If you need relining of your old part:

The procedure is similar, just send the old parts to our address.

Payment options:

Payment is according to the offer, we send you an e-mail, and payment options are by bank transfer, online payment cards or cash.

Send an inquiry or any question to e-mail:
Or call us: +385(0)95 827 52 01

Fast and affordable shipping from address to address worldwide!

The hardest thing is to find a spare part when your machine breaks down.