Need new brakes but can’t find them in store? – We have a solution!


  • How brake shoes are relined
  • Is relining option for you
  • Can the brake shoes detach from the brake material
  • Can you reline brake shoes yourself?

The most common reason for brake shoes overhaul:

If you have an older car (truck, van, classic car, industrial machine, tractor, forklift, crane or rare trailer), it is a big problem to find a new spare part.

In that case, the only option is to reline the brake shoes because there are no new ones on the market.

For newer motorcycles and cars, we do not recommend overhauling the brakes because the price in stores is acceptable and the quality is good.

However, there are two reasons to reline brakes on newer cars:

  1. New brakes are too expensive (more often for tractors, forklifts, work machines)
  2. New brakes are of poor quality (also happens with branded brake shoes manufacturers)

Can the brake shoes detach from material?

The material can detach for several reasons:

  • Bad preparation of the metal part
  • If you use adhesive that is not for that purpose
  • If you do not know the technology and process of bonding
  • Too long baking period / too short baking period
  • Baking temperature too high / baking temperature too low
  • Improper operation and overheating of the brakes (temperatures over 274 degrees)

There are brake pads for special machines that create high temperatures (over 360 C degrees). In that case, the brake linings are riveted.

If the correct bonding procedure is performed and the brakes are used under normal conditions, the brake shoe can never be detached.

Is the bonding process better than riveting?

Quality bonding of brake shoes is always better than riveting for several reasons:

  • bonding is done by baking, and then the vulcanization of the friction material is done
  • the brake lasts longer because there are no rivets that reduce the lifetime of the brake lining
  • the brake lining is better shaped according to the metal part of the brake shoe because it is compressed into molds (no bumps)

Often people come to us with bad experiences and fear of peeling off the lining. This is the result of unprofessional bonding and the use of adhesive that is not for that purpose.

Can I repair brake shoes MYSELF – Yes!

It requires a little knowledge and simple tools. We are preparing an instruction “How to repair packs yourself” which will be sent by e-mail to interested website visitors. In the field below the text, send us your e-mail and we will send you instructions when it is finished.

Difference between good and bad brake material:

Characteristics of poor brake materials:

  • Too hard brake material
  • Too soft brake material
  • Poor compactness
  • Too much rubber and graphite in the composition
  • Storage of materials in poor conditions

Characteristics of quality material:

  • Medium hardness
  • Elastic and compact structure
  • Laboratory testing specification
  • Storage at a temperature of 15+ degrees

Our materials are also used in the production of new parts. For many years we have been successfully cooperating with manufacturers of tractor trailers and manufacturers of new brake shoes.

Prices and order procedure:

The price depends on the dimension of the brake material. Prices range for the smallest pads (30×3 mm) from €25 one pair (2 pieces) + VAT. For the exact price you must send us the dimensions of your pads and the number of pieces.

How to order relining of brake shoes
  1. Contact us at, describe what you need and send a picture. We will send you the price as soon as possible.
  2. When we agree, you need to send the package to our address.
  3. As soon as we receive your package, we will send you an offer. You can pay with: Online debit card, Revolut or bank transfer.
  4. Immediately after receiving the payment, we will start the relining and your brake shoes will be ready in 3-5 working days. Then we send the package to your address.

If you have any questions, need advice or clarification, feel free send us an email: