Sinertik Ltd. is a company that specializes in selling and representing the strongest brands of friction materials, and manufacturing of special clutches with specific purposes and requirements. The company has extensive experience in serial production of entirely new clutch discs.

We have discontinued serial production, and proceeded selling the highest quality materials as well as specific purpose clutches (sport, tractor and truck clutches). We consider ourselves not only dealers, but experts in materials with great experience in manufacturing.

When you do business with us you will always have the best supply of raw materials present on the market.

During years of work we have imported materials from all over the world, starting with China, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, India, Japan and our current offer is the best choice in terms of quality and price. Our priorities in business cooperation are quality and price.

Our goal is constant cooperation over a long period. To make this possible, products and cooperation need to be on a high level. We honor our agreements.

If you intend to buy finished goods you will get all necessary support, and if you want, as the end user, to do an overhaul as per our suggestion, we will refer you to the nearest subcontractor for which we guarantee the same quality as ours.

We also sell special products designed for specific purposes, such as sport/racing clutches, that you can fit in a regular car, and get high performance results and durability.

Sinertik Ltd.