Your ATV Brake Pads Are Bad and Wear Out Quickly – We Have a Solution!

Are your ATV brake pads running out too fast?

We have a simple and affordable solution for you!

We offer organic brakes made of special materials made for machine braking systems. They provide greater durability, efficiency, and resistance than other brakes available. It is important to say that there is no annoying squeaking sound and that the brake material will not affect the consumption of rotors.

Our brakes have been tested on quads that are rented. They usually work all day and every day during the season. Quad renters are happy with the quality of the brakes, which last almost one and a half seasons and over 8,000 km, which is almost eight times longer than the brakes they used before.

We only have specific models of brakes at the moment, but that is not a problem. According to the old model, we can make entirely new brake pads (metal part and brake material). We are also relining old brake pads.

We offer two types of materials that differ in structure and amount of copper, which allows better temperature distribution and greater durability:

PP102 €32,00
ZUP202 €27,00
PP101 €32,00
ZUP201 €27,00