Clutch facing that is installed during the manufacturing of new cars: Suzuki, Nissan, Mazda, Ford, Isuzu, New Holland, Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Mahindra…


The precision of the thickness of a clutch facing within the tenth of a millimeter.


Compared to other clutch facings up to 85%.

Costs include durability of a clutch disc, damage to the other parts of the clutch and mechanic’s services.


Clutch facing prices:

Due to the previous cooperation with the manufacturer and the increasing demand for products and increase in sales we have achieved a great price compared to the quality.

The prices depend on order quantity and continuity of cooperation. For all further information send an e-mail to specifying the dimensions, quantities, cooperation plan and information about your company.

If you are a refurbisher or automobile repair shop:

Install clutch facings which will reduce shaking of the clutch, and have a much longer lifetime. Avoid legitimate complaints and inconvenience. Dissatisfaction of a customer will cause bad recommendations and loss of future customers, but with quality materials you will have satisfied customers who will gladly recommend you.

Solve the problem of clutch shaking, and prolong the lifetime of a clutch disc 2-5 times. Ensure proper operation of the entire clutch, thus cutting your own and driver’s costs.

If you are an end user – the driver:

Determine what kind of material car mechanic has installed. It often happens that you again have to pay the mechanic to remove the gearshift and re-install the clutch disc. Price of the repair is minimal compared to the cost of removing old and buying a new clutch disc.

There is almost no difference in price for the end user if he uses ReWiss clutch facings (maybe a few euros).

Is it wise to do an overhaul of a clutch disc?

The quality of new clutch discs that can be bought in stores is far inferior in comparison with overhauled clutch discs.

This statement probably sounds odd, however, it is entirely true.

The quality of all parts used in the first installation is in many ways higher than the quality of replacement parts later bought in stores. It often happens that you have to change first clutch disc after 250.000 – 300.000 km, and a new one lasts only 50.000 km. Clutch discs made by cheaper manufacturers last even shorter. Therefore, if you intend to refurbish the original clutch disc, with a quality of a clutch facing used for first installation, you will get a much better and more durable product, and at the same time more than twice cheaper than buying a new product in a store.

Factors which cause clutch disc wear:

  • The quality and composition of a clutch facing
  • Load and operation of a vehicle or a machine
  • Quality of driving

The second and third factor cannot be influenced, but quality can be changed.

What determines the quality of a clutch facing:

  1. Precision manufacturing – the thickness must not fluctuate more than a tenth of a millimeter. This is the cause of clutch disc shaking
  2. The amount of copper in the composition of a clutch facing
  3. The composition of a friction material – clutch lining consist of about 15 components intended for the first installation during car manufacturing
  4. The technology of manufacturing – woven clutch lining are incomparably better than molded ones

ReWiss clutch lining are products with high friction material performance. Each product undergoes rigorous control after the final production stage. Quality control is carried out in a special procedure during which tests and simulations of actual load are performed.
Each product is ISO 9001 certified.

It is used for the first installation in new vehicles of following manufacturers: Suzuki, Nissan, Mazda, Ford, Isuzu, New Holland, Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Mahindra…

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of clutches Exedy also uses them in its products.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Japanese factory ASK Group, which covers more than 70% of the Japan market, and therefore all OEM manufacturers, the quality level is constantly being raised.

  • Japanese technology
  • Japanese raw materials
  • Japanese quality control.

We performed comparative tests of clutch facings which we distribute – Rewiss (W Observation 1) and renowned Spanish manufacturer (Observation 2). Results show that ReWiss exceeds even the strongest competition in all segments. Class tested was BAF 747 MCC.

You, as the end user of a ReWiss product will get several times more durable clutch disc, and due to the quality of the refurbishing you won’t change your clutch disc any time soon because of shaking or rapid wear. Therefore you will save money when paying for the removal of the gear switch as well as on the longevity of the product.

We have built our reputation over 40 years in clutches manufacturing, and gained vast experience in refurbishing of both clutch discs and complex parts of the clutch, such as floating (dual mass) flywheels, and especially solving specific cases such as sport clutches, and clutches used in extreme industrial conditions or in agricultural machinery and tractors. The goods are mainly placed on the EU market. We also participate in sales of our wares which provides additional security and guarantees the quality of a product and cooperation.


We are ready for a good long-term cooperation, and in the case of the most serious and top quality associates we offer free promotion of your business in your region..

Automobile repair shop:

Do you want to perform overhaul of clutch discs or brakes in your shop, thereby increasing the speed of work and profit and also help end users – drivers to save time and money? If you decide to buy our tools and raw materials, we will provide free training for refurbishing of clutch discs and brakes.

Drivers – end users:

Send your inquiry and we will refer you to the nearest refurbisher in your area who uses ReWiss clutch facings, or refer your mechanic to us, and we will send him material that corresponds to your clutch or brakes.

Install and don’t think about the longevity and quality of the clutch disc. Don’t be forced to remove the clutch every 10.000 km!

Clutch facings dimensions

We have in stock clutch facings of standard dimensions. This includes external dimension, internal dimension and thickness of a facing. If you want a different dimension, orders can be made, but bear in mind that minimum amount per one dimension is 200 pieces.

It is also possible to order larger quantities of clutch facings where you get extra discounts depending on the quantities ordered.

Special offer for long-term cooperation!

  1. Special discount for all pre-orders.
  2. The most serious associates that contact us in a short period, and meet the requirements for quality of work and cooperation, will be posted on our web site in the section Recommendations for refurbishers in their area.

The prices depend on order quantity and continuity of cooperation. For all further information send an e-mail to,specifying the dimensions, quantities, cooperation plan and information about your company.